"I love the woman I'm becoming: mentally stronger, wiser and beautiful.

-Jasmine Bruce

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Q&A with:


Why did you want to be apart of this campaign/photoshoot?

I think it’s a great chance to be confident about the way I look and being around other bopo babes is uplifting!

What would you say is your biggest insecurity and why?

My hair! This was one of my biggest insecurities growing up! All of my friends had straight, flowy hair and I always felt burdened and ugly with my kinky and extremely curly hair. I went to extreme measures even to straighten it. Chemically straightening my hair with a relaxer and constantly blow drying and flat-ironing it. By college my hair was completely damaged and not only until last year I finally decided to return to my natural roots. I still struggle with it today (just because it is naturally harder to manage) but I’m slowly embracing what I was born with.

The best descriptive word you’d give yourself and why?


When did your body image issues start and how did you know?

High school is when I actually began to care about the way I looked. I began to compare myself to other girls and always wondered why boys didn’t like me. I wondered how I could change my looks/body so that boys would like me. Especially my hair! Not having straight flowy hair like all my other friends took a huge toll on my confidence!

Past advice you would give yourself regarding body image or self-love?

Never be apologetic about what you were born with. Yes, you may look different, but different isn’t bad, it’s beautiful. Love your roots, don’t ignore them. Stop looking in the mirror so much! Stop weighing myself every day! Wear something I feel confident in.
Self-talk is so important, as soon as I hear thoughts of hate, I try to reroute my thoughts and think “I love who I am”.

What do you love about yourself, physically or otherwise, and why?

Now a days I love my hair! Embracing my natural curls has been so much fun and saves me the energy I was using to straighten it and shape it into something more positive. I love my height too. Being short is great and I have no shame in it!