"Embrace the things you see as flaws because they're what makes you unique."

-Rachael Miner

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Q&A with:


Why did you want to be apart of this campaign/photoshoot?

I did the shoot because I love the idea of women coming together and embracing who we are and loving our bodies for what they are. It's so easy to pick our bodies apart, so having a group of women come together to love on their bodies I think is really empowering.

What would you say is your biggest insecurity and why?

There's a lot I struggle with honestly and now I think a large part of it comes from knowing other people are watching me and judging me. My weight has always been a big insecurity for me, I always feel really fat. My other biggest insecurity is not having perfect skin, which seems really silly and insignificant but it's something that has always bothered me.

When did your body image issues start and how did you know?

Body issues started very young for me. I think a large part of it was because I constantly saw and heard my mom putting herself down and commenting about how fat she felt and ugly she was so I picked that up and started picking myself apart.

Past advice you would give yourself regarding body image or self-love?

If I could go back and give my younger self some advice I would say that what other people think about you shouldn't matter. Stop looking around for validation. Wear the clothes you want to wear, wear you hair how you want to, and embrace the things you see as flaws because they're what makes you unique.

What do you love about yourself, physically or otherwise, and why?

I love all the amazing things my body can do. I love that it can run miles up miles, pick up heavy weights, and can bend in strange positions. I love my strong legs. I love that I don't take things too seriously, I've lightened up a lot in the past few years and a large part of that has been learning that at the end of the day most things don't matter.