"You are your own person. Don't focus on the comparisons."

-Robyn Knoper

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Q&A with:


Why did you want to be apart of this campaign/photoshoot?

To discover things I love about myself. I wanted to prove myself that I am becoming more comfortable with the body that I'm in.

What would you say is your biggest insecurity and why?

My face, stomach and my teeth. My teeth have never looked, good so it makes me nervous to smile sometimes.

The best descriptive word you’d give yourself and why?

Excited. For now, for the future. I’m nervous but excited for new experiences.

When did your body image issues start and how did you know?

Middle/Highschool. I was scared to smile for pictures. Nervous to meet new people when I was with my friends because I felt like the ugly friend all the time.

Past advice you would give yourself regarding body image or self-love?

You are your own person! Don’t compare yourself to others.

What do you love about yourself, physically or otherwise, and why?

I love my strong stature and my ability to make other people happy. I'm growing as a person and I am proud of what I can accomplish by myself and hope to do my best to inspire others to love themselves.