"Beauty is not defined by how society says it is."

-Tori Newcomb

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Q&A with:


Why did you want to be apart of this campaign/photoshoot?

I feel that it is very important to promote body positivity, because society has such a negative perception on body image.

What would you say is your biggest insecurity and why?

I think my biggest insecurity I️ have is my eyes. I️ was born cross-eyed with double vision and it wasn’t corrected until I was almost 18, so sometimes I️ still feel like I️ look cross-eyed. I’ve also struggled with my weight a lot. It really wasn’t until recently until I️ learned to accept my body.

What is something you tell yourself when having body image issues?

I really don’t have any words of affirmation that I️ tell myself, I️ usually just throw my hair up in a bun and put my sweats on, and allow myself to have a 10 minute pity party. After the 10 minutes are up I️ try to be productive and I️ refuse to allow myself to be negative about myself.

Past advice you would give yourself regarding body image or self-love?

If I️ could go back and give my younger self advice, I’d tell myself not to be so hard on myself. Beauty is not defined by how society says it is, and there are more factors that contribute to beauty other than looks.

What do you love about yourself, physically or otherwise, and why?

One thing I️ love about myself is also my biggest insecurities, total contradiction, I️ know. I️ love the color of my eyes, because they change color everyday and I️ don’t know a lot of people who have eyes that change color like mine, so I️ feel that it makes me unique.