Life is too short to spend another
day at war with yourself.

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We are a body positive campaign that encourages all women to embrace their bodies. We focus on highlighting the importance of loving yourself and being unapologetically you. 


Person of the week

Brittany Hoffman

"Something I love about myself is my strength. Not necessarily the physical but mental. I've struggled with depression and social anxiety and sometimes it still gets me, but I have learned how to recognize this about myself and conquer it."


Featured STORIES


Ali Cabadas

"To me, body positivity means loving yourself even if there are parts about you that you want to change."

Taylor Buda

"I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and see the progress I’ve made and I’m happy."


Jasmine Bruce

"Embracing my natural curls has been so much fun and saves me the energy I was using to straighten it and shape it into something more positive. I love the woman I'm becoming: mentally stronger, wiser and beautiful."

The only person you should change for is yourself if you feel you need to. Don’t feel pressured by anyone else to change.
— Dayna Niewiadomski

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